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    Entering into the world of high pressure processing is not a single step. It's a Journey. Once you've heard about HPP and started to realize the many benefits it can bring to your product, your business, and your customers, you will have a lot of new questions.

    "How will our product react to high pressure?

    "Will we need to change the packaging we currently use?"

    High pressure biotechnology is an emerging technique in pharmaceutical and medical sciences.

    High Pressure Processing gives consumers safe packaged fruit and vegetable products with fresh, just-prepared characteristics without additives or preservatives.

    Modern seafood processors are experiencing dramatic benefits through the usage of High Pressure Processing to enhance product offerings and expand market opportunities.

    High Pressure Processing leaves juice not only safe, but also with a fresh, just-squeezed appearance and flavor, natural texture and nutrition, without any need for additives or preservatives.

    High Pressure Processing provides quality extension and longer shelf-life while reducing dependence on preservatives. Pathogens are inactivated by HPP and the level of spoilage organisms is reduced significantly.

    Providing safer and more natural products with extended quality and shelf-life, HPP offers natural, wholesome products without the detrimental effects of heat or chemicals.

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    For more than 60 years, Avure Technologies has harnessed the forces of nature to make products better, safer, stronger.

    When you need high pressure solutions, work with a company that has more experience in more applications than any other.

    Meeting High Pressure Processing Demands with Innovation

    The Avure QFP 525L-600 measures up to the production needs of today’s high volume food processor, offering the highest throughput in the industry with features to minimize operating costs and maximize uptime.

    The 2L-700 Laboratory Food Processing System is designed to meet the research and feasibility testing needs of research and development, processing, and university labs.

    Avure High Pressure Food Processing Lab Services provide extensive research and testing, such as product validation and microbial studies, in its fully-equipped high pressure food processing laboratory.

    The QFP 100L, though sized for small and medium producers, can handle high throughput, adding just a few cents per pound to your processing costs.

    The 215L is designed for high throughput in large-volume plant operations and is the most popular productionHPP system in the world.

    The QFP 320L-400 HPP system is specifically designed for the seafood industry, helping to dramatically reduce labor costs associated with the shucking and shelling seafoods including oysters, clams, mussels, crab and lobster.

    The Avure 350L is the reliable gold standard of HPP systems, used widely around the world.

    The QFP 35L-600 system is the right choice for entry-level production volumes, product formulation, and product development.

    The QFP 687L-300 HPP system is specifically designed for the seafood industry. It helps to dramatically reduce labor costs associated with shucking and shelling seafoods including oysters, clams, mussels, crab and lobster.

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Avure Technologies

  • Maple Lodge Farms
  • safety improvements
  • establish brand protection

After a lethal listeria breakout at another processor, demand for improved food safety emerged industry wide. Maple Lodge Farms turned to HPP to take their safety protocols to the next level.

  • Avure food safety technology
  • becomes an important
  • part of the brand

Already known for higher than required quality and safety standards, Maple Lodge Farms created the “High Pressure Protection” technology seal with marketing assistance from Avure.

  • Maple Lodge Farms sees
  • a boost in brand awareness
  • and consumer confidence

Their new HPP technology provided a high degree of food protection without the use of any chemicals – allowing Maple Lodge Farms to gain positive visibility in the processed foods marketplace.

  • With spoilage threatening market
  • expansion, food producer, Ifantis,
  • turns to HPP

An international food producer faced a challenge - achieve longer shelf life or miss the opportunity for extended distribution.

  • Ifantis chooses Avure
  • Technologies as their
  • complete HPP provider

Ifantis needed more than a reliable HPP machine. It needed lab services for formulation, packaging, HACCP, and regulatory approval guidance.

  • Ifantis expands market reach
  • with a message of freshness,
  • quality, and safety

HPP products and support from Avure Technologies included assistance with branding, launch strategy, PR, online support and advertising. Complete solutions helped the producer increase same-store sales 30% in one year.

  • Vegesentials turns to HPP
  • to keep their juices safe
  • fresh and full of nutrients

The healthy beverage producer uses HPP technology to preserve all of the nutrients that naturally exist in their ingredients and keep their drinks super fresh.

  • Avure technology prolongs
  • shelf-life without chemicals
  • heat or harmful processing

High Pressure Processing inactivates the microorganisms that cause spoilage while naturally preserving freshness – maintaining nutritional value, taste, color and texture.

  • Vegesentials puts natural
  • goodness in the hands
  • of eager consumers

With the help of HPP technology from Avure, Vegesentials is able to successfully distribute high quality, nutrient-packed juices to the marketplace.

HPP Delivers Brand Protection

Maple Lodge Farms is first Canadian poultry producer to use HPP technology to improve food safety.
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Food Producer turns to Avure

Avure’s High Pressure Processing opens the door for international market expansion.
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Keeping Vital Nutrients Safe with HPP

Vegesentails successfully bottles and distributes nutrient-packed juices without risking quality.
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